The company Steri-Plant was founded in 1993 by Mr. Pforr as a laboratory for breeding anthuriums. Breeding orchids was incorporated one year later. A transformation to a GmbH followed in 1999. Since then Mr. Jabar has been the additional manager besides Mr. Pforr. In 2005, a second site was founded. In the course of the following year the company became a global company.
Using the two sites it is possible to control the breeding by propagation order and the production of our own phalaenopsis clones, orchids and anthuriums in more detail. Since 2009, the name of the company has been Steri-Plant Breeding & Propagation GmbH.

Customer contact is essential, so we further it through close communication. Our sales representative Richard Looije has been assisting our Dutch customers since 2007. Eugen Janotta assists our east European customers. Our management cares for all other customers. Your personal point of contact advises you on questions about varieties and crops reliably and confidently.