Interesting facts

The history of orchids

In 1824 the gardener William Cattley discovered “odd” parts of the plant inside the packaging material of his tropical crops shipment from overseas and decided to cultivate them. He showed the later wonderful flowering plant to the botanist John Lindley, who recognized the plant as an orchid and out of respect named it after Cattley. Now the species Cattleya is known around the world. The orchids grew in prestige and thus began the success story of the queen of houseplants.
The company Steri-Plant Breeding & Propagation GmbH produces varieties of Phalaenopsis, various orchids, such as Cambria, Oncidium, and many other double and multiple hybrids commissioned by you. Also, the seed capsules, a product of your breeding orchids are sown and cultivated by us.
Using special culture methods and consistent development, we can offer a wide range in this sector, and the corresponding know-how.